Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Looks like OEL 5.6 is out and available ... now I am behind again!

Looks like OEL 5.6 must have come out in January 2011? Some information is here OEL 5.6 Release notes ...

Has anyone proceeded very far testing and upgrading their systems to OEL 5.6? I need to start figuring out my plan.

One of the prior OEL upgrades had a mandatory powerpath upgrade ( well at least if you wanted to use your EMC storage ) so that's one of the things I need to chase down.

I will probably do some posting eventually about my plan and how things went but would appreciate any comments/feedback from anyone farther along the OEL 5.6 upgrade path than I am currently.


  1. Hi,

    Actually OEL 6 has landed few day ago. So probably you would like to go to directly to it. Major difference is that 5.6 was the last version released for Itanium and now OEL 6 is only for x86 and x86_64 platforms.


  2. Well theoretically at least you are not supposed to "upgrade" to 6 the recommended approach is a clean install.

    Just starting to sort out the various options and complications etc for us here.

    Guessing that we probably will go to 5.6 and sit for a while on that ( well assuming testing goes well for 5.6 ) before moving into the 6 area. It might make sense to wait it out for 6.1 ( maybe ).