Monday, May 2, 2011

grumpy about Oracle support and sev 2's

Sorry but this is the grumpy old DBA blogspot right?

I get grumpy when I have to have an SR open at Sev 1 to actually get any progress/work done on it. I get grumpy when ( maybe ) someone is assigned something and goes on vacation or just is confused about what to do or ( whatever is happening behind the scenes ).

Logically you really should not have to make 4 postings in an SR several days apart and have no one respond to any of them ( each time ) in a week.

Logically you really should not have to escalate items up to sev 1 because of a lack of progress or to get it to someone who actually has some ability to help solve the relevant issue.

Going to have to do the page the manager thing tomorrow ... sorry it just makes me grumpy.

1 comment:

  1. So fine ... I escalate this up to the duty manager on wednesday and still nothing ... nada ... zilch.