Friday, May 13, 2011

Warning for patchset update

FYI for patchset update ... ( noted in 1291879.1 ).

So this patchset update has just rolled out and they are already
recommending a patch on top of the patchset update. As far as I know
the patchset updates are supposed to have already been subjected to
rigorous and extensive QA testing and verification ...

1.1 Patch 12431716 Is a Recommended Patch for

Patch Patch 12431716 is a recommended patch for Database PSU installations and Oracle strongly recommends that the patch
be installed. The readme for the PSU Patch 11724916 has
also been updated to indicate the same.

1 comment:

  1. The big fix in (database) is improvements to the mutex system for high concurrency systems.

    The PSU had a regression - at a guess, probably timing issue maybe means the mutex fix missed the code cut-off or something like that.

    Thus 12431716 reinstates the mutex fix.