Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guess who is speaking at OOW 2011?

Some things make even an old grumpy dba smile well or at least grimace. I will be speaking this year using a topic first done in January 2011 at our local Northeast Ohio Oracle Users Group session.

The session ID is 04828 and topic name ( might need a little tweaking ) is "Three Approaches to Shared-Pool Monitoring (Dodging ORA-4031s )".

The event this year happens to overlap my 20th wedding anniversary and my wife is going to fly out to San Francisco ( her first visit out there ). The appreciation event featuring Tom Petty & Sting ( notice who is mentioned first ) happens to be on our exact 20th anniversary date.

Wondering if I can get Tom P to send out a special dedication of American Girl ( which I am sure he will do ) to the Grumpy Old DBA and spouse ... well except the crowd will probably contain a whole bunch of them!

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