Sunday, July 17, 2011

no progress on my service request makes me grumpy

Seriously Oracle support what is going on here? I have had a service request SR 3-3474803321 open for a very long time. On June 6 2011 I escalated it yet again and provided a reproducible test case. Oracle support at that time noted they were waiting on getting a test machine to verify it and then get a bug opened.

It is now July 17 2011 and still Oracle support has not been able to get access to a test machine. I called back in on July 6th 2011 and was told that basically two things were going on ... 1) Oracle is a very big company and 2) there have been changes made recently in how support has to get access to a test machine. So have things moved forward since then?

Unfortunately not so much. Hard to believe that Oracle support cannot get access to a test machine in a reasonable amount of time. Geez they have their own hardware company now right? Not to mention virtualization products etc ... right?

If anyone in Oracle management reads this blog and would like to please look at my SR it would be much appreciated. I will try again on monday to call in and see what is going on.


  1. Not that it helps your situation, but I take heart now in knowing that I'm not alone :-)

  2. Pretty much par for the course.
    I had a level 3 ticket with a small standalone test case demonstrating a BLOB performance bug in July 2010.

    I blogged about it - - and it got updated the next day - but that was just a "thanks for your patience" update.

    However it was about 3 months (October) before they verified that my test case worked and acknowledged the bug, etc, by which time I'd worked around it of course.