Sunday, October 9, 2011

presentation at Open World 2011 went pretty well

So I get a 4 pm sunday afternoon slot and guess who is presenting in the next room over? Rich Niemic from Tusc. I show up about 30 minutes before time and there is a line already going halfway down the hallway of DBA fans for Rich getting lined up. I think this is looking bad for getting anyone into my room.

However the room starts filling up and eventually probably had 175 attendee's or so. Maybe even 200? Not quite sure. All in all the presentation went pretty well ( Shared Pool Monitoring aka Dodging ORA 4031's ) and not many people left the room until it was over. The power of the feet did not seem to work against me!

Here's a link to the whole enchilada for anyone interested OOW 2011 Shared Pool Monitoring ...

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