Monday, March 19, 2012

our first system going up on 11.2 ( soon )

For the time being we are still sitting on on all our systems but that will be changing this year. Strong possibility that everything will move to at some point in 2012.

Our first system that may go live is currently sitting at ( was just patched up to there with Jan 2012 PSU update ).

That system ... like all of ours is a non RAC system but is using ASM. Because of the change in 11.2 that means two separate oracle homes one for the Grid Infrastructure part ( including ASM ) and the other regular oracle home.

It is somewhat complicated patching those environments but I will target getting out details on how we proceed with a PSU update soon. "Not exactly" well documented by Oracle on how you proceed with the dual homes on a non RAC system ... or at least not exactly CLEARLY and EASILY documented ... at least to an old grumpy dba!

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