Wednesday, December 19, 2012

guess who is speaking at hotsos 2013?

Geez some days it is hard for a grumpy old dba to be so grumpy ... no worries I will find something to make me complain eventually.

This geek is pretty pumped up to have my presentation accepted for hotsos 2013 !

I am presenting with the exciting title of "OS Truth, Little White Lies, and the Oracle Wait Interface" ... kind of a play on "Truth, Lies, and Videotape" ( which I think I saw once a long long time back ).

This is my presentation abstract here ... John Hurley

Cary Millsap I believe is the ultimate decision maker on who makes the cut for hotsos.  The original presentation was done at my oracle user group ( ) a while back and then a very chopped version done last year at Oak Table World ( conference within a conference at OOW 2012 ).  I did my short version in front of a whole bunch of oakies ... nervous ... hell yes ... and I guess it went over well enough.

Much thanks to Tanel Poder who helped my company solve the original big problem that provided the learning opportunity and material for this presentation!  Tanel is among the extreme elite geeks in case anyone is not already aware.

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