Wednesday, March 27, 2013

missing PCursor and CCursor in 11.2 sgastat makes me grumpy

My OLTP system just cutover from to and a bunch of my custom monitoring stuff now looks a whole lot different.

I had some custom slicing and dicing of the contents of sgastat ( I query it once an hour ) so I can keep an eye on stuff.  Not a big believer in Oracle changing stuff so everything is fixed size and my 11.2 shared pool is a fair amount larger than my 11.1.

To guard against 4031's my system monitors free memory and will force shared pool flush when running low.  No one at least on medium sized systems should be absolutely petrified of a flush of the shared pool ... no you don't want to do it often.

Anyways there are so many different things now showing up in my 11.2 sgastat areas ... what the heck is KGLHD and KGLH0?  Why are KGLHD and KGLH0 so large?

Where is my PCursor and CCursor?  11.1 "sql area" not appears to be renamed to "SQLA".

Lots of things to learn here about what has changed in 11.2!

Information below is just showing things that were larger than 50 meg ...

SUBPOOL                   NAME                       MB                                    
shared pool (0 - Unused): free memory                224                                   
shared pool (1):          free memory                757.25                                
shared pool (1):          sql area                   602.08                                
shared pool (1):          CCursor                    208.43                                
shared pool (1):          private strands            78.58                                 
shared pool (1):          event statistics per sess  59.98                                 
shared pool (1):          PCursor                    59.56                                 

*** ...
SUBPOOL                   NAME                       MB                                    
shared pool (0 - Unused): free memory                512                                   
shared pool (1):          KGLHD                      972.88                                
shared pool (1):          SQLA                       893.1                                 
shared pool (1):          free memory                591.51                                
shared pool (1):          KGLH0                      505.61                                
shared pool (1):          kkslLoadParentOnLock:lite  289.42                                
shared pool (1):          db_block_hash_buckets      178                                   
shared pool (1):          private strands            107.41                                
shared pool (1):          event statistics per sess  93.91                                 
shared pool (1):          ksunfy : SSO free list     87.54                                 
shared pool (1):          kglhdusr                   81.57                                 
shared pool (1):          dbktb: trace buffer        78.13                                 
shared pool (1):          kkslBind_value             60.77                                 
shared pool (1):          FileOpenBlock              55.83                                 
shared pool (1):          KTI-UNDO                   55.55                                 
shared pool (1):          KGLS                       53.61                                 
shared pool (1):          KKSSP                      51.18                                 

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