Wednesday, May 1, 2013

grumpy old dba at great lakes oracle conference ... join us!

Not very long before we kick off the 2013 Great Lakes Oracle Conference in Cleveland ( 2013 Great Lakes Oracle Conference ).  This will be our biggest and best ever conference.

Key notes by Tom Kyte and 2 from CJ Date ( the godfather of relational database design ).  Workshop sessions by Joel Kallman ( Apex I never new it was this easy ) / Tom Kyte / Craig Shallahamer.

Two days of sessions by top Oracle national class presenters Oakies / Aces / Ace Directors ... we got the whole enchilada ... please check it out and think about attending ... May 13/14/15 2013.

Hope to see you there!  If not this year then next year and think about submitting a presentation abstract next year ( yeah that's you Mr. Gorbachev and the pythian gang!  also you Enkitec people )!

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