Sunday, October 27, 2013

hacking around on 12c on windows 8.1 ... more confused than grumpy

The test box I have at home is an AMD A8 system with 32 gb of RAM.  Usually running on two SSD drives with OL 6.2 and 11.2 and ASM based system.

I am playing around now with win 8.1 pro on this system on 1 TB drive with another 2 TB drive.  Installed 12c grid infrastructure ( standalone ) so ASM and 12c database EE ... just checking things out.

I have a CDB and 1 PDB and have reloaded abunch of data into the PDB.

Going to be using this system to figure out shared pool oracle views and how things look different in 12c and especially how they look different when using a CDB/PDB.

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  1. Hi.

    The multitenant stuff will mess with your mind at first. I hated it when I first started to play with it. Now I think it is awesome. I have some notes here if it helps.