Sunday, October 20, 2013

playing around with oracle 12c ... makes me busy

I have been pretty dang busy between new job change and senior year college stuff for my youngest daughter plus well president of NEOOUG stuff.

About time I start looking at 12c.  Believe it or not my first try at hacking around a little is going to be done against windows 8 ... I have an amd box at home ( a8 aka 4 cores ) with 32 gb of RAM ... running win 8 pro ( when not using my other disks and OL 6.2 / 11.2.0.* ).

I did the loopback network interface install first but aside from that not trying to do too much except take most of the defaults.

Tossing in grid infrastructure standalone ( pointing to 2 tb IBM 7200 rpm drive ) ... that went in smooth.  Now going for database part of the install.

Keeping my fingers crossed here.

Eventually this will be redone probably OL 6.4 and 12c on Linux ( again standalone grid infrastructure and database installs ).

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