Saturday, November 16, 2013

hotsos 2014 angst makes me lose sleep and makes me grumpy

Busy week at work last week.  NEOOUG meeting Friday afternoon ... etc.

However nothing critical too much going on this weekend ( for a change ) and thought I would sleep in late before tackling leaf raking getting salt off new vehicle etc.

Did not happen that way ... about 4 am ish I start turning over in bed starting to worry about my accepted Hotsos 2014 presentation.

The good news about getting accepted is that well obviously it is the primo Oracle technical conference and you are going and get to learn a lot.

The bad news ... the feeling that somehow you have fooled everyone including Cary Millsap who I believe is still heavily involved in deciding who presents that you somehow belong in this crowd. 

Kind of like feeling that you are 15 years old again and you somehow convinced some college student to buy you alcohol ( again ) ... ok going off track a little here.

Getting a little paranoid the worry that your presentation might go off track with people asking "what about this technical detail here?  / did you forget that it actually works like this instead of how you think it works? / even worse no you are completely wrong here".

So now I am lying in bed starting to worry about the presentation.  Mine is based on something I did in 2011 at Oracle Open World ( the ONLY time OOW ever accepted a presentation from me thanks very much ).  Really it was pretty good back then and needs obviously needs updating for 12c changes ( and research ) and tweaking.

But it is for Hotsos ... not just any group of people ... the Hotsos attendee's ... not as if any of the people attending know much about what is really going on with Oracle technology.  Yikes!

Eventually was able to get back to sleep for a while and woke up again ... and well started working on it.  First couple of structural changes decided on for how it needs to flow ... done.  Rough idea on some of the additional details necessary to be added done ... saved.

OK now I am a little more relaxed ... time to start working on stuff that is on my wife's approved list of weekend work instead of my list.

Gone with the wind the idea of sleeping in late on a Saturday morning!


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