Wednesday, November 13, 2013

speaking at hotsos 2014 ( second time ) ... makes me not so grumpy

Feeling grateful and honored for my presentation "Three approaches to Shared Pool Monitoring" to be accepted by Hotsos 2014.  Now I really really need to do some more work and clean up / update a presentation done back at OOW 2011.  Only stuff like 12c and CDBs and PDBs needs research and updating ... no biggie right?  ( Not how I am feeling actually ).

So last year I was ONLY scheduled originally to speak ( two speakers at a time ) against Cary Millsap.  Someone wanted to swap sessions so of course I agreed and then moved into a speaking slot against Kerry Osborne.

Maybe this year they will schedule me against someone minor like say Tanel Poder or Maria Colgan or Carlos Sierra ... keeping my fingers crossed.

Enough whining ... I am pumped!  Hope to see you at Hotsos 2014!

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