Sunday, December 29, 2013

I really do not understand twitter dynamics

So I guess my amazing number of 77 twitter followers of @grumpyOldDba ( thanks to all you geeks by the way ) may not be quite as earth shattering as I was thinking.

Received some kind of strange tweet / offer to sell me followers?

Wow ... I could go from 77 to 5077?  Ummm ... no thanks.

Makes me grumpy!


  1. A few ideas...follow more people, tweet more often, use hashtags, join conversations. I talk about this a little bit here

  2. Hey man I am trying. Don't really understand twitter to be honest. Tweeting usually once sometimes a couple times a day. Wow some people put out like 10/15 tweets a day seems like a huge amount of energy to think of so many things to post.