Tuesday, December 24, 2013

January 2014 NEOOUG meeting and that Jeff Smith

OK sorry this will be the second to last reminder that if you want to attend our January 24th 2014 NEOOUG meeting at my employer the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland you must PLEASE reserve a spot ahead of time.  Normally of course our quarterly meetings are at the local Oracle office and one can decide on the day of the meeting if one actually has the time and interest to attend.

Our January meeting has an excellent Oracle speaker http://www.thatjeffsmith.com/ @thatJeffSmith presenting on Oracle SQL Developer tool.  Even for us DBA types that well are old and complain about anything not Toad this will be an excellent presentation.  Tips/tricks/4.0 stuff ... I am sure it will be comprehensive and amazing ( or else well he owes me a beer ).

Plus ... you get to tour the historic FRB building after the meeting.

That is only possible though if you register ahead of time.  Yes we have security at the FRB and anyone wanting to attend must just supply your name and email ahead of time by Monday January 20th ( cutoff ) for event attendance.  Sorry day of event attendee's just will not work at this site but back to our usual spot for the March 2014 meeting.

More information here ( That Jeff Smith Jan 24 2014  )

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