Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Phase 1 prep complete onto script changes and doc re work ...

Skiing coming up soon but after Xmas time to sneak in the last phase of preparation for Hotsos 2014 presentation.  Still feeling very grateful for actually getting accepted ... again ... wow!

The bulk of the powerpoint presentation work is done.  Sure I will obsess on it some more and add some animation on the slides and try to chop some out.  On the other hand every single one is absolutely vital and I just need to get through of them quickly.  ( So well ... ok ... maybe more time will be spent on the presentation than I anticipate right now ).

The custom monitoring scripts need changes.  They were done and complete both standalone and RAC versions of them for 11g.  However 12c changes a bunch of things and you have to deal with the CON_ID changes.  So time to get 12c support added and tested and then doc changes completed.  So ... well it is going to be Holiday Time and I will be sneaking back upstairs and probably saying "Sorry this is work related" ... dang could be looking at a whole bunch of coal ... again ... dang!

Hopefully next blog posting will point to custom monitoring scripts!

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