Wednesday, January 1, 2014

12c buffer cache flushing in a CDB / PDB environment

Here is an interesting post from Thomas Saviors blog aka ( My Oracle Life ).  It shows some complicated things going on flushing the database buffer cache from various CON_IDs within a CDB.

12c buffer cache flushing

Obviously only the people doing design work at Oracle for 12c ( 12.1 and 12.2 heck maybe 13 ) know what the overall plan is for next set of features/changes for a container database.  To me it seems very dangerous to know have a way of isolating one PDBs impact on other PDBs for the memory areas in the SGA ( shared pool / buffer cache etc ).  Maybe this will be changing soon?

There are some interesting CDB presentations going to occur at Hotsos 2014 ( best practices etc ) that I will be attending that may give me a better idea of what other people are worrying about and planning on using in this new CDB/PDB universe.

Thanks to Thomas for pointing out his post!

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