Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hotsos 2014 is just around the corner

Last year I arrived in Dallas on sunday and it was warm.  Running on monday it was in the hot range like 80+ degrees.  I was out there in shorts and tank top and there are these local runners with full set of equipment jackets and everything.  Wow I guess I was dying in the heat and these people still think it is cold?

Getting pretty excited about presenting again but time to start looking at and reviewing my presentation.  I vowed a while back to NOT add in any more slides but ... well ... there is one thing I discovered recently about how to view bind variable values for statements that are executing and are getting monitored by the Oracle real time monitoring capability ( which kicks in for sql statements executing 5 seconds or so ).  It not exactly directly related to "shared pool monitoring" but it kind of related to custom monitoring ... so darn I think it is going in there.

Need to practice my presentation in front of some of my local gang here also and take some comments from the peanut gallery.  Hope to see you down in Dallas!

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