Friday, February 21, 2014

How many times can you practice and revise a presentation?

Well the obvious answers are "it depends" and "how far away is the actual presentation"?  For Hotsos 2014 I had the vast majority of the work done in early December 2013 ... not bad for a presentation not delivered until March 3 2014.

That was after a couple of series of revisions and after all this was based on a presentation originally done at Oracle Open World 2011.

It makes even an experienced and grumpy old Oracle professional more than a little nervous delivering something at Hotsos however.  After another series of changes and improvements in January I put it away for a while.  Just back at it again about 10 days ago.  I sent in Hotsos "yet another" final version but is it actually the final version ... heck no!

Last week on Wednesday I delivered a dry run of the presentation to several of my co-workers along with a couple of NEOOUG fellow board members.  Big thanks to Pete Dinin from Sherwin Williams for some great suggestions and comments.  He was typing away during the run ... I thought he was doing work related email ... but no ... comments and suggestions on the presentation.  So Pete as always I owe you!

Two more weekends before I actually do the presentation.  Going to alternate days when I do not look at it at all and other days when I run through the material and the slides.

Working on some dry DBA humor to get some laughs ... wish me luck!

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