Tuesday, February 18, 2014

linkedin endorsements make me ... grumpy ... sometimes

Well I don't really mind endorsements for skills that are in my current toolset.  It is a nice compliment to get endorsements from people that you know well or have work with or are working with.

On the other hand endorsements for things that you have never worked on in your life seem a little strange.  I now have several endorsements for Oracle HR ... never ever in my life touched that not even peoplesoft.  Even stranger is the recent endorsement in that from a system admin in my previous job where guess what ... we never ran that software there at all.

Just received another strange endorsement for SQL Server from someone that I do not remember how they are connected to me via linkedin.  I guess SQL Server is much improved these days ( needed to change obviously ) but wow have not touched anything on that platform since like 2000 and that was a 3 month project.



  1. Hello,

    I think Linkedin gives endorsements in the name of other people by itself using some "intelligent" algorithm.

    Probably to make people more active or something.

    I agree with you, it is little annoying when you receive endorsement for the stuff you don't have any experience.


  2. I reject endorsements for things I don't want featured on my page, including of course ones which I have no experience in.

    I strongly suspect it's due to the linkedin practice of showing 4 people in a block with suggested endorsements, and a "Endorse All" button they can click. Some people might not necessarily review all 4 boxes as well as they should.

  3. Good point about the "endorse all" ... ( which I never do ) ... yes that could be a factor.