Friday, February 7, 2014

speakers on the agenda for NEOOUG March 28 2014 meeting

We have two topics being presented and as usual great free food beginning at noon.  This should be a good mix of topics Java related for developers/dbas and Oracle database internals stuff for dbas/developers.

First up on the agenda is Scott Seighman a Principal Sales Consultant from Oracle Corporation.  Scott will be talking about Java 8 which is just around the corner from being released.

Specifically his presentation is: Java.Next: An Overview of Java 8

The March release of Java (8) introduced a variety of new features, including Lamda expressions, annotations and a new date/time API. We'll review these and other notable additions to the Java platform, plus provide code samples and demonstrations of the new features of Java 8.

The other presentation will be given by me ok it is the same one I am doing at Hotsos 2014 in early March in Dallas.

Three Approaches to Shared Pool Monitoring for Oracle Database Systems

The shared pool area in Oracle has become a huge memory area over the last ten years, and there is much more than SQL and execution plans held in the shared pool. This presentation will cover three approaches to gaining increased visibility into the contents of the shared pool: 1) using standard oracle views and diagnostics, 2) implementing an in-depth custom monitoring procedure, and 3) shared pool application SQL monitoring.

The approaches here were learned from the school of hard knocks and should be illuminating to many Developers and many DBAs. This presentation will include 12c relevant content.

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