Friday, March 28, 2014

another month almost gone ... another presentation done at NEOOUG

Geez this month really just flew by it started with my presentation at Hotsos 2014.  Pretty well attended waiting for final evaluation information.  Then work work work ...

This Friday ( today 3/28/2014 ) I did my Hotsos presentation again but this time at my local user group.  I added "just three more slides" to try to give some additional information on PGA and program connections to people aka developers coming in cold to this area. 

Somehow the three additional slides caused me to take an additional twenty minutes to deliver this information.  Lucky I was not given the hook ( sometimes it helps to be president ).  It was kind of funny even though I had just delivered the presentation at the beginning of the month I found myself looking at some of the slides that came up thinking "oh that is out of order here ( no it was not )" or even worse "oh geez what am I trying to connect with on this slide" ... yikes!

Registrations are starting to roll in for GLOC 2014 but the month of April is the critical one.  We would like to increase attendance by 33% percent ... time will tell!

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