Monday, March 3, 2014

managed to make it to Dallas sunday morning ... Hotsos 2014 is rolling

It was a little dicey sunday morning with weather in Ohio but I caught very early flight and made it down to Dallas well before noon.  Lots of turbulence in the airplane ride and bounced around some but all in all not bad.  Lots of people traveling ran into hitches one way or another but by the end of the day Monday most everyone seems to be here now.

Even better I had pretty good turnout for my session maybe even close to 1/2 the attendees dunno exactly but room was pretty full.  Presentation went pretty well only blanked out once and then jumped into next bullet point.  Actually all in all for as many times as I had practiced this thing and thought I was going to fail at various points I think it went over pretty well.

Managed one really cheesy comparison of the shared pool to a picture that I will probably get in trouble for eventually.

Besides some of the people I already knew I have met several other nice speakers and now much more relaxed with my presentation over with.  Even managed to update my presentation slightly with some material from this morning Kerry Osborne and Tim Gorman.

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