Tuesday, April 29, 2014

going through Tom Kyte's book chapter by chapter

One of the ( many varied ) things going on at my work place involves a lunch work/study group.  It probably would not surprise too many people to find out this was my idea to get going.

We have a core group of about 8 of us mostly DBA types but also a couple of developers.  Every two weeks we get together to discuss/review a chapter from Tom Kyte's ( latest version ) Expert Database Architecture book.

The idea is that each person is responsible themselves for reading the chapter coming up ( which for as good as Tom Kyte's book is really means reading it multiple times perhaps ).  Someone volunteers or is drafted to be the "point person" to guide the discussion of the chapter ... and you rotate through those assignments.  At every two weeks well geez it does take a long time to get through a book so that's a downside.

But think about it ... should you do something similar?

After we get through Tom's book the next one up will be Cary Millsap's "Optimizing Oracle Performance" ... ( I think ) ...

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