Friday, April 18, 2014

missing my local conference makes me a little grumpy

Our big event here is a 2 1/2 day conference ( Great Lakes Oracle Conference aka GLOC ) is coming up soon in mid May and I am going to miss the first two days of it.  Not happy exactly but I do have a reasonable excuse.

My oldest daughter finishes her sophomore year at college ( Fordham in NYC ) and needs to get picked up ( and dorm room packed up ) and carted back home to Ohio.  So it is drive there sunday ... pick her up Monday and pack ... drive back Tuesday ...

I should probably be able to make the networking event Tuesday night ( well traffic permitting ) but will miss the main activities that day as well as the workshops on Monday.

I should at least be onsite to attend Wednesday and introduce Steven Feuerstein.

All the colleges tend to sometimes break or end college years at rougly same times we get to use Cleveland State for the conference that week because they are finished while Fordham has the last two days of final exams Monday and Tuesday.  My wife and my mother in law did the trip last year to get my daughter so only fair that this is my year.

Still however makes me a little grumpy ... no surprises right?

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