Sunday, May 18, 2014

last post on GLOC 2014 conference ... new technical stuff coming soon

One of the presentations I am going to work on next will be in the SQL Plan Management interaction/intersection area with AWR information.  At GLOC 2014 Craig Martin had a very nice one that kind of is kick starting my interest in coming up with some relevant / worthwhile.

For the conference itself it was an epic "best ever" kind of event that made one feel both valued/valuable for despite all the hard work and there was plenty of that ... it was above and beyond what we were hoping for.  All that achieved through a combination of top speakers and greath workshops.

Somehow even the conference did well when at the last moment our keynote speaker for the final day of the event scratched on us.  Through a set of bad luck and problems in Chicago Steven Feuerstein was unable to fly into Cleveland.  After 15 years of doing events this was our first time when a keynote speaker did not make it.  Yeah I know we shoulda had a contingency plan in place.

Ric Van Dyke from Hotsos stepped up to the plate and delivered an exceptional keynote in Steven's place.  Thank you Ric!

A special thanks to all of our NEOOUG officers and our conference planning committee which also included several people outside of NEOOUG ... you know who you are and we could not have done this without you!

Finally my appreciation for our conference chair Rumpi Gravenstein!  He is the guy the visionary that started this whole journey for us.  His energy and enthusiasm and dedication is inspiring to see!

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